Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentines, only a little late

I wanted to post this last weekend , but my Kodak pictures hung up and I need the pictures to show you for the blog..
I knit 4 Valentines cloths for the senior centers Bingo game since it was on valentines day.. they liked them.. I need to knit or crochet or spin to keep my hands busy with mindless things..
The Heart we made for craft day at the Senior center- I hung it on my door..
I was able to go to the senior center ( internet and senior center are my social life now).. anyway I went t-w-th- then they said I could ride the van fri if I wanted too.. so I did and the hour and 1/2 ride is not worth it.. friday and mondays are bingo days so more people ride the van..
I use the equipment to help with loosing weight.. I got up to 5 min on the elliptical and 30 min on the bike plus 2 reps on the pull down - 50 lbs.. feels good.. but it is making me hungry !! I ate over 2000 calories yesterday and probably the same the day before- they serve a balanced lunch but 700+ cals yesterday and I saved the banana.. not loosing weight now.. confused on what is happening.. have 3 days at home to readjust ..

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