Friday, June 13, 2008

my CD art

I have been working on this idea for almost 2 years now. last year about this time I tried to work with SCORE to get a start up SBA backed loan. He directed me wrong and did not really help me. I needed it in place at the begining of the tourist season here to make a go of the venture without a big start-up expense. The company he had me go to over the internet had me jump through all kinds of hoops, such as bank account, LLC name, etc and then at the end of the summer said they would not even give me 1/2 of the amount I wanted and the man from SCORE said do not take it because it was not SBA backed loan like I requested and I could loose my house. I am taking my CD art to Etsy and to the visiter centers at the beach to see if I can sell them that way.

Here are some of the birdhouses. Kate, Jackie and I had done these. Then my son Fred and his freinds came over to the beach and Fred and Jamie painted some. They all had bids at the Habitat for Humanity Auction. we felt good just for having fun painting at the beach on a beautiful day.