Saturday, August 09, 2014


Time has gotten away from me and not much to say .. My son Jayson was killed on May 16 2014 and it is hard.. he was on his motorcycle when some one pulled out in front of him .. He would have been 33 on July 29 2014 I have joined a quilt guild just 3 miles down the road to learn something new - it is my social outing too since my denture broke beyond repair and no charities will help .. will try to catch up soon

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Here are the pictures of the yarnbombing, my light post was a halloween theme with harry potter scarf on top this is a picture of the tree I had done with the help of Ed and Barbara Streeter in front of their store CONWAY GLASS, last valentines day I had also covered my stability ball and knit a kindle cover to go over the hard cover I did a quick anti-valentines day drawing

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Zoo theme Yarn Bombing in conway ,SC

we are once again doing a creative yarn bombing in Conway, sc... April 27th 2013.. contact Barbara Streeter at Conway Glass for info at 843-248-3558.....e-mail Our last bombing was such a big hit the town had us keep it up until feb. instead of dec.. yea !!!! I have a hard time learning this set up and blogger keeps changing it.. sorry for not getting back to the comments - I did not know I had any... LOL I once again will try and keep up with my blog.. I spun 2 bowls of my angoras fluff I knit/crocheted a pair of mitts -will upload when I get it off the camera :0) seeing a lot of doctors- continuing to accumulate health issues even though I thought I was doing great .. My saying is "just ignore it and it will go away".. this also pertains to inanimate objects that break.. and they do fix themselves.. I want to go see the new movie- OZ The Great and Powerful - and eat a giant bowl of popcorn with a ton of butter.. I have not been to a theater since 1998 - I have restless leg syndrome and 1/2 way thru Erin B ( can't spell the last name ).. I could not stand sitting in the seat and it ruined the movie for me- I hear they have these fancy seats now so I want to try them... exciting- a cheap matinee would be great.. Will try to post a few times a week this time :0).. calender- it on !!! TTFN

Thursday, December 06, 2012

I want to do the sketchbook project for 2013. I will also try to catch up on my blog as it was exciting this past year in fiber arts.. yarnbombing a tree which lead to getting permits to yarnbomb light posts in a whole park in town... more later

Sunday, December 25, 2011

December 25 2011

well.. it was too log since I wrote.. Looks like MD sheep & wool fest was the last one... sad to say my partner decided he wanted his own booth and we had to apply as new venders after I had been in it since 1989 and brought him in..:0(
I got word that I did not get in.. so sad this has happened as I have a fiber life that I love and that was my only connection.. He does shows all over the area.. I can not do that and since I lived in MD before moving to SC.. all my friends are up there..
I have posted a Drum Carder for sale, Louet Classic for 500.00 includes UPS packing and shipping.. no takers so far..
I am spinning some merino and unknown wool blended, in colors of blues, greens, and yellows.. to knit and felt a Gator purse.. appapo to SC..
I am playing with Mandalas.. healing process - health , well more problems were found and some created worse.. so I am trying to find alternative ways to treat them along with the doctors.. Mandalas and audio books.
I got a player and am able to get audio books from the state library.. love it..listening to Debbie Macomber for a while.. just finished a trilogy by Anne Macaffery ( passed away in Nov 2011.. very sad to hear ). Excellent stories and will look for more of her books..
It has been a nice and quite Christmas Day..... Merry Merry to all for all the holidays this month..

Sunday, May 22, 2011

MD Sheep & Wool Festival 2011

3 days of my fiber world was fabulous !!!! being a vendor and setting up on friday morning leaves time to wonder around and marvel at all the creative works at the largest Wool festival in the United States... I used to live in MD and have been in the festival since 1989.. It is always the first full weekend in May - so if you ever get a chance to go- do it...:0)

To see the creativity of all the vendors is so wonderful and inspiring.. plus walking around to visit the sheep, alpacas, Llamas,Angora goat and rabbits.. and of course the food - Lamb Gyros - Huge brownies and eclairs are my favs.... So until next year...... I need to get busy spinning and writing new patterns

Sunday, March 13, 2011

March Happy St. Patricks Day

I have been knitting and crocheting.. I finished another Gator scarf in Purple.. then knit 3 Irish cloths - kept 1 and the other 2 I am donating to the senior center for bingo prise.. I am crocheting a scarf now for my brother, then need to knit one for my sister Inlaw...

Last week we had storms go thru and there was this beautiful rainbow in the front of my house.... with everything popping here I took a few other pictures.. the big tree now has leaves and the white tree line is turning green.. so got them just in time..

There was a fire last night in my little trailer park , 2 doors down.. it was an old falling down wooden cabin, behind one of the trailers.. Luckily they were home in the trailer and called fire dept in time.. or their house and a lot of ours would not be here.. very scary..

I hope everyone has a fabulous week.......