Sunday, March 10, 2013

Here are the pictures of the yarnbombing, my light post was a halloween theme with harry potter scarf on top this is a picture of the tree I had done with the help of Ed and Barbara Streeter in front of their store CONWAY GLASS, last valentines day I had also covered my stability ball and knit a kindle cover to go over the hard cover I did a quick anti-valentines day drawing

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Zoo theme Yarn Bombing in conway ,SC

we are once again doing a creative yarn bombing in Conway, sc... April 27th 2013.. contact Barbara Streeter at Conway Glass for info at 843-248-3558.....e-mail Our last bombing was such a big hit the town had us keep it up until feb. instead of dec.. yea !!!! I have a hard time learning this set up and blogger keeps changing it.. sorry for not getting back to the comments - I did not know I had any... LOL I once again will try and keep up with my blog.. I spun 2 bowls of my angoras fluff I knit/crocheted a pair of mitts -will upload when I get it off the camera :0) seeing a lot of doctors- continuing to accumulate health issues even though I thought I was doing great .. My saying is "just ignore it and it will go away".. this also pertains to inanimate objects that break.. and they do fix themselves.. I want to go see the new movie- OZ The Great and Powerful - and eat a giant bowl of popcorn with a ton of butter.. I have not been to a theater since 1998 - I have restless leg syndrome and 1/2 way thru Erin B ( can't spell the last name ).. I could not stand sitting in the seat and it ruined the movie for me- I hear they have these fancy seats now so I want to try them... exciting- a cheap matinee would be great.. Will try to post a few times a week this time :0).. calender- it on !!! TTFN