Thursday, April 06, 2006

This weeks class picture, in Acrylics.. Again a work in progress, I will post finished one.... Posted by Picasa

This is Barnie Slice he is our acrylics teacher. These are 2 pictures he just finished, I will be happy to get that good. He is a wonderful teacher, I will be taking his continuing class. Posted by Picasa

These are coffee paintings done at guild meeting by one of our members. I am going to use my new glass pen and 4 colors of ink to trace the turtle. I think the bigger one has lizards in it. I will send it again when I finish it. Posted by Picasa

Monday, April 03, 2006

This is my Monster, Mooshie. He is my 6 month old kitten that is in a monster phase. A black and white flash with glowing eyes - and he is off and tearing up something else. Before I knew it he had ran through my paint pallete and got paint on the rug his whiskers and paw...AAAAWWWW . need to paint him for my monster. Posted by Picasa
I have errors in spelling and writing. I can not figure out how to fix it. please excuse. Hope you enjoy my Blog. Comments are welcome. Posted by Picasa

My finished "Marsh " picture, camera picture a little blurry. but it came out ok- I want to keep practicing these too. Acrylics. I am still in class. Posted by Picasa

A Dogwood with a lot of moss hanging off. I could not get the white to show up. green were a little muted too. I think its the paper. I will ask some of the experianced artists.. but it was so relaxing..And yes I love trees... Posted by Picasa

An attempt at the huge tree in the picture below, from the other side, it was harder than I had expected. I took a picture from my view, maybe try again another time. Ruth in our group says there is a pamphlet on some of the huge trees in the area, they have names and stories... will look this up and let you know.. Posted by Picasa

An old church in conway were us PALS were- on 4-1-06. the church and yard with cemetary were beautiful. I took lots of pictures before and after drawing. Posted by Picasa

A Redbud ,in the park. pastel on my paper. Takes care of red for Feb. Posted by Picasa

Here is a little pastel on my handmade paper of the park bench, covers green for march. Need the drawing practice.. Posted by Picasa

Here is our local plein air art group, PALS. Painting in conway, SC. this is march 31 and 2 of us were out on april 1 st. we had a great time, great weather and great lunch. They know all the good places to eat. Posted by Picasa