Tuesday, January 25, 2011

winter tent

I have been feeding 3 female cats since summer. One is the kitten of the Momma Kitty, I call her. When she had the litter she started trusting me more and brought the kittens up to eat with her.. they were about 5 weeks old. I was able to grab 3 and crate them for a week and they were so loving and wanted to be rubbed and held , so I was then able to take them to the humane society for homes. I could not catch the last one until we had the first snow at Christmas and she has been in the house ever since- I tried catching Momma Kitty but when I got her in the house she stayed under my bed for 24 hours before I got her back outside. she lets me rub and pet her move her around but can not pick her up.. The other kitty I call Ring Tail as she looks Siamese but with tan rings around her tail. She is about the same age as the kitten. I can rub, pet and move her around too- but not pick up. I thought if I could crate her like the others she would come around, so I could find her a home - but she freaked and even a box scares her to death- she is also very vocal as Siamese are, she wanted outside so bad she was tearing at the door and windows. Had to let her back out.. now I am still trying to find help to get them shots and fixed.. as I am on SSD and low income..
It was raining and cold so I tried to feed the 2 inside the door they were eating when Momma kitty took off for my room yesterday and is still in there. Ring Tail likes to come in and look around then go back out , so she is coming along very slowly..
I worry about them all the time. I made this tent out of a wicker table I had, I put a trash bag under with an old blanket and a trash bag on top with a sheet to hide and block the wind..
The males are coming around more now and the kitten is in heat so I am assuming that Ring Tail is also- I sent an e-mail to humane society for help since I did not get an answer on the phone and no gas to go that far just for an answer??? still waiting...

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