Sunday, December 19, 2010

December 2010

Time really got away from me. A lot of adjustments and health issues.
I hope to be settled this coming year and post more. I have written another knitting pattern and will post it for freebie. I just have to write it up on word.. I just finished Christmas cards and have a few other things to do .
Then the first of the year I will be in the SKETCKBOOK CHALLENGE, I have a button- I just learned how to put that on. now I need to go get willows. But check it out you might like to join the fun.. I will post here and on their flicker page..
I can not post daily so I will try to post weekly. ADD makes it hard- I have about 9 projects surrounding me.. slowly clearing out each one. Bye for now- Happy Holidays and a Bright and Wonderful new year to come for us all.

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