Monday, February 16, 2009

tree and drums doodles

I made paper that I enjoy drawing on and it is made from my pc papers that I would have thrown away, my way of recycling. These 2 are just doodles for 15 & 16 of thing a day. I want to make more paper, I have many trash bags accumulated of shredded papers and egg cartons. but everything is packed to move when the house is sold or auctioned so I can not play with that for now. I am writing a few patterns for cloths that one can use only 1 ball of cotton and make 2 cloths. will post when I finish, it will be a while, designing this is new for me. hope all had a great weekend. my older son Fred took me on a casino ship for V-Day. we won and lost all day and had a good time. My younger son Jayson e-mailed us a picture of one of my g-daughters, she is a doll.. made my day !!

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