Saturday, January 10, 2009

plein air, gym, drums on the beach

Forgot the camera !! Today was my day. I joined the gym for the 12 week -free, choose to loose challange- hope to drop 30 lbs, I had gained back.. exciting.. then I walked on the beach for about a 1/2 hour sat in the sand and just enjoyed the day- 60s and sunny. Then our Plein air group met at the art attack, adult ed school to promote the art classes they have and to sketch out on the 21st world wide sketch crawl !! I did 3 will post later , have to take a pic etc... met a great kid named mathew that played drums- which was leading up to my next adventure for the day, I went to drums on the beach, and he was going so I knew someone ( even though I just met him). Drums on the beach was so fabulous, excellent, exsillerating (spell?), I loved it. The moon was the fullest it will be this year goreous, campfire- how cool is that and people beating drums, shakers, tamberines - it was mezmerizing, I can not wait for the next one.. They have it once a month and I am so there. !!! again forgot camera, got a few pics with cell phone, do not know if they are any good until I unload. what a great day... needed that.

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